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Trash service is provided by VF Waste Services. The schedule for trash pick-up will be 2 times a week on Monday and Thursday (North & South Sections). Service will backdoor for regular household waste and curbside for landscape debris, bagged lawn clippings, bundled branches/limbs and heavy/bulky trash items.

This schedule is in effect for those days except for major holidays where trash pick-up will be the next scheduled pick up day.

This does not include the pick up of construction material, appliances not tagged with Freon removal, extremely large and heavy furniture, batteries, tires, rocks, bricks, concrete, dirt, roofing, lumber, carpet, paint, commercial landscape company debris, oil or any other hazardous material, dead animals, and excrement of animals, poultry or livestock except for that of generally recognized house or yard pets and then only if they are kept thereon solely as domestic pets and not for commercial purposes including, without limitation, breeding. All other items must be less than 4' long, cut, tied and under 40 pounds per bundle
Trash will not be picked up on the following holidays:
  • New Years Day
  • Good Friday
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Heavy Trash Pick-up
Heavy trash pickup is the 2nd pickup day of the week, and must be placed by the curb. Residents can dispose of items such as furniture (but not extremely heavy or large), small sofas and couches, appliances, mattresses, thin wood doors, small amount of fence boards, small televisions, lightweight bathtubs, a very small amount of bundled carpet, etc. Please limit your heavy trash items to no more than 3 items per home on each scheduled heavy trash day. Appliances containing refrigerants must have a tag attached to them certifying that a qualified technician has removed the refrigerant.

Please recycle as much of your yard trimmings as possible. There is a national movement afoot by city municipalities to either limit the amount of yard clippings picked up for disposal, or increase garbage charges. If we get in the habit of recycling our clippings, it will be easier to adjust to future restrictions if they should come to pass, as well as doing something good for our flower beds and lawns!

A note of thanks to homeowners who are mindful of keeping their garbage cans out of public view at times other than scheduled pickup days. Also a note that items that are placed at the curb (bundled limbs, etc) should only be done so as close to the time of pick up as possible.

VF Waste Services
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For issues related to Trash service, please contact:  Skip Skinner.

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